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Richard Holmes Safaris is based at Clifton and Stirling ranches, size 8,500 acres, in Cradock district in the Eastern Cape province, some 320 km ( 200 miles ) North of Port Elizabeth, and it is from here that it conducts its hunting safaris. This is on the edge of the Karoo and Eastern Grasslands Biomes.

These ranches belong to Richard Holmes and his wife Marion, who reside on Clifton ranch. Richard is a hunting outfitter, the fourth generation in the area, while Marion has many years experience in the travel & catering industry.

Richard Holmes' background and vast experience in the field of hunting are what have made him a byword among hunters for the success and enjoyment of their South African hunting safaris.

We are conservation orientated with vast numbers of established herds of wild game in their natural habitat on large areas of land. This was achieved in over 40 years of reintroducing by buying in many years back most of the game species which had all but disappeared.

At least the Southern half or more of South Africa was almost devoid of any wild game by the 1950's.

We are thus very proud and happy to have achieved this and if it was not for true, fair chase hunters who continually join us for their safaris, we could not have achieved this and in future could not afford to keep all the wild game species on our own land and on the land of our concession areas either.

Richard Holmes Safaris hunts its 2 own private ranches and many other private properties called concessions but only in the immedaite area of our ranch, all comprising natural, wild and variegated South African veld. Huntable area is over 200,000 acres.

 The staff at  Richard Holmes Safaris

As mentioned, Richard Holmes is the Outfitter of Richard Holmes Safaris.

Professional Hunters Lalase Maso and John Sihelegu have been working with Richard Holmes Safaris for many years. Bolt Maso has grown up on our ranch and has been a succesful PH for some years already.

There is also a friendly and capable staff who between them will assist you with your hunting safari and look after your needs when at base.

 Contact Richard Holmes Safaris and book your South African hunting safari.

General Information

Our South African hunting safaris are ideal for both novice and experienced hunters.  The abundance of game and the fairly open terrain make for easy hunting but shooting is sometimes long range therefore difficult, but we will not force you to shoot if you are not comfortable with the range. The total hunting area is over a very large area - over 200,000 acres. We hunt by fair chase only and on foot - walk and stalk, spot and stalk and sometimes ambush methods are used.

All export permits, trophy documentation for the packing of trophies and the freight are arranged by us - with a 100% success rate over many years.  The result is that all your trophies are home quickly and in one piece with no customs hassles.

Accommodation, Lodge and Meals : RONDAVELS complex ( Rondavel means a round building usually with a thatched roof) , our complex has 3 bedrooms ( 2 double rooms and 1 room with 1 Double and 1 single bed), Bedroom ensuite at the Lodge with 2 single beds and 1 double bed in one very large room.

The rooms have the following amenities : en-suite bathrooms with good pressure hot showers, flush toilets, toilet paper, hot and cold clean running water,  beds with warm blankets, bedding, towels, soap, electric heaters and full furnishings. Dine indoors at our comfortable LODGE, where there is a braai (BBQ) and bonfire pit and view Game grazing by while you relax here.

Enjoy home cooked meals which are balanced and delicious with different types of vegetables, starch, various salads and deserts. Many meals are of the game hunted and these meats are absolutely wonderful !




about Richard Holmes African Hunting Safaris


Richard Holmes, outfitter of Richard Holmes Safaris

Richard Holmes
Outfitter and Owner of Richard Holmes Safaris



Lalase Maso
Professional Hunter at Richard Holmes Safaris



John Sihelegu

Professional Hunter at Richard Holmes Safaris



Bolt , Lalase's son 

Professional Hunter at Richard Holmes Safaris


Barry Podesta

Professional Hunter and Oufitter


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