Welcome to Richard Holmes Safaris ( RHS ) -  FAIR CHASE and REAL HUNTING in SOUTH AFRICA

in EASTERN CAPE Province.

We hunt on large areas of land where the game is free to escape hunters as our References will tell you so please contact them.

So your hunting is not a shoot, you will work for your animals and earn them and have a great hunting experience.


- Real wild hunting, not a shoot

- No shooting from hunting vehicles

- Large hunting areas

- Good, experienced, friendly and easy going PH's

- Wild natural game herds, not genetically manipulated and not artificially fed

- Natural wild habitat

- Accommodations comfortable for all hunters needs

- Food is excellent

- Pre and post Safari assistance

- Fair pricing

- No hidden costs

More details about our summary are below, please read on.

We are a conservation hunting organization with vast numbers of established herds of wild game on vast areas of land, game herds established and self replenishing for over 40 years already. These natural wild game herds in their own natural habitat is what you will be hunting with us.

We deliver what we promise, always, my References will confirm this !!

I, Richard Holmes, have hunted for over 40 years and have walked and stalked game over Africa for very many miles,  most of it guiding hunters !!

Some of my PH's are already coming close to this amount of walking in their Professional Hunting careers with me.

So, with my experience, which I have passed onto my PH's and staff, we are a very experienced and dynamic operation.

Africa - South Africa, is a Bewildering idea or concept to come over to hunt....However this idea or concept is the ONLY Hurdle there is which the hunter needs to overcome..... the idea of this unknown foreign place with the misconceptions and sometimes bad press about it, BUT, it is so Normal and Modern and Safe here, you will be surprised and this will be confirmed by ALL our References on this website, and, as we stated below, we give the hunter a very good hunting experience.

Our Safari Hunting Packages and pricing are very competitive in their class - in their class means REAL HUNTING, not riding around shooting from the truck and my RHS Packages are ALL INCLUSIVE = NO HIDDEN COSTS that come and bite hunters after their hunt.

Costs besides the Safari are Taxidermy, trophy export permits, customs trophy clearance fees and shipping of trophys to your home and any pre or post safari hotels, taxis / transport and tips - These 3 links are at the end of the page on the Bookings page link : http://www.capeafricanhunting.co.za/page/bookings

showing these costs.


6 hunting days is usually more than enough time to get the trophy game in our packages.

Extra costs to hunters are clearly on each Package or on our Pricelists or Travel Hints FAQ pages, found by clicking on the left: see Travel hints FAQ ( tips, taxidermy etc )and Price lists. Hunters may find better deals than RHS, but then Hunters need to ask those, is it REAL HUNTING and is it ALL INCLUSIVE , and is it in small areas, just a shoot or canned or genetic bred freaks perhaps ?? Which our safaris are definately NOT.

Further, our herds are established WILD breeding herds of both sexes, for very many years already, on large open tracts of natural Africa habitat, NOT just trophy males brought onto ranches, so unsure of their new area, just to be shot soon after release, as is done by some other outfitters. No feeding of stimulants, no artificial feed, no medications and no genetic manipulation breeding is done on our game ranches.

We focus on the hunt , the older trophys and the natural habitat management. We do not hunt with a tape because we believe the TOTAL SAFARI and HUNTING EXPERIENCE makes the Trophy game you hunt so special - our track record of trophy quality over very many years speaks for itself, with many very happy hunters.

We are also here to assist you door to door with your African hunting safari - all the way from when you decide to book , from when you leave home and back again as well as caring for your trophys untill they get home. We ensure you are never left alone or wondering - we have people to meet and  ASSIST you on arrival in Johannesburg and in Port Elizabeth ( PE )

 Example : an American hunter never travelled overseas before, let alone Africa, and that worries him or her.  Then he reads on our site/facebook how some other American landed at Johannesburg, was met by one of our guys there, helped with clearing his firearm/s etc,  taken to a nice guest house where he enjoyed the company and had a good meal and rest after the long flight. The following day he is taken to the airport, arrives in Port Elizabeth ( PE ) to be met by his RHS PH and the next thing he is on our Ranch. RHS even helped booked his flights, hotels etc - No fuss, no bother - just as easy as flying to Dallas (and maybe safer too!).  How good does this make him feel?  Now he  knows that with RHS he has nothing to worry about.

Another example : a novice hunter reads about another novice hunter and all his fears and worries about being a first time hunter (the same as I am feeling) and then how well he was treated and helped by RHS, what good advice he got from our PH's and what a fantastic experience hunting with RHS turned out to be, who is he going to want to hunt with?

We take out the UNKNOWN part of booking your AFRICAN hunting Safari - we answer all your questions about your dream African hunt so you will feel comfortable about everything before you arrive here!  We will help do your bookings ( flights, hotels, tours etc if you want us to ) so you dont have to worry about all this. Please go to our Travel Hints FAQ pages for more useful information and answers to FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )


Richard Holmes Safaris is a fourth generation family business specialising in South African hunting safaris with many, many years of hunting experience.

We own our Ranches, the camp and the Lodge as well as the hunting areas, named Clifton and Stirling ranches which total  8,500 acres with over 2500 head of WILD game and 22 Species. Most of your hunting will be done on our own property / ranches. Only on some day/s hunts are on selected to be suitable other privately owned ranches we call concessions. These are all on private land like ours and on our concessions, you or your group are the only hunters there because access is allowed by invitation only and is exclusive, so you won't run into any other hunters - even if another group is hunting there, your group will be seperate from the other, but this very rarely happens as the ranches are so huge. Our Concessions we hunt are only in the immediate area of our property, max one and a half ours drive to get there. We don't hunt further away than that from our base/our ranches.

We are based in the malaria-free Eastern Cape Province of South Africa which is a Mecca for hunting Safaris in South Africa.  The areas we hunt have a large variety of game species and game is abundant, WILD and in Established breeding herds, so we dont need to add game onto our ranches ever because our numbers are full up and the supply of game availabe is therefore mostly constant and self replenishing. The Eastern Cape is unique due to some rare species of game found only here.

Our plains game hunting safaris are ideal for both experienced hunters as well as for novice hunters.  Our Professional Hunters are very experienced and will ensure that both the experienced hunter and the novice hunter will enjoy their hunting safari.

Our meals and food are excellent and legendary. Most meals we use Meat of the different wild game species hunted, but also cater for those who dont want too much meat, eg. chicken, salads, veges, fruit - all fresh.

Our satisfied hunters for over 2 decades are Very many.

We offer only Fair Chase hunting on foot - but this is not physically difficult as stalks are usually not long. Shooting is sometimes long range and therefore can be difficult, but your Professional Hunter will get you into your comfort range. If you dont get a shot there are numerous other chances as the Game is abundant. Our Professional Hunters will give you the benefit of their experience with full information about the Hunting Species and Other Species ( eg. the significance of the colours on their hide, the game species habits, prefered areas etc ), game behaviour and individual game habits, ecology, wildlife and environmental management, and very interesting information about African culture, indigenous African ways and wonderful African stories, to make up a COMPLETE African experience !

Also welcome are photographic safaris for those who simply wish to enjoy all the different species in their natural wild environment in the company of experts.

Please explore our website and discover the hunting experience package to suit you.

Contact Richard Holmes Safaris and book your South African Hunting Safari.


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